Monday, March 14, 2016

Sony unveils prototype 'headphones' of the future

Sony's newly-formed R&D outfit, Future Lab, has showcased a prototype pair of headphones (or should I say neckphones) that let you listen to music without buds or over-the-ear pads. Called Concept N, the Bluetooth device features built-in speakers that project sound up to the user's ears, providing full fidelity stereo sound and comfort.

The idea behind Concept N is to create a system for listening while trying to retain background noise for when you're traveling or commuting. According to Venture Beat, the headphones respond to voice prompts, and is equipped with a camera, sensors, and a GPS feature. The device also comes with a pair of earbuds for those who want a traditional listening experience. Those buds, however, come punctured with holes in the middle, so you're still able to, say, hold a conversation while listening to your favorite tracks.

No word yet on an official release date for Concept N, but hopefully it will hit shelves later this year.

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