Saturday, March 5, 2016

This jellyfish can age backwards and regenerate body parts

Moon jellies have amazing superpowers. They have the ability to regenerate lost body parts - just like Deadpool, create clones of themselves - just like Multiple Man and, recent research has revealed, they can age backwards - just like Benjamin Button. The discovery was made by Jinru He, a graduate student in marine biology at China's Xiamen University.

According to National Geographic, Jinru collected a baby male moon jellyfish from the ocean and raised it to a full grown adult. When it died, he transferred the corpse into a new tank, and noticed a sea anemone-like polyp on the specimen three months later. Scientists believe that the discovery could give us better insight into cancer cures. If you're interested in jellyfish, check out these stunning images taken by Russian marine biologist Alexander Semenov.

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