Thursday, March 24, 2016

This music video was filmed with a Kinect and industrial laser scanner

This is pretty cool: director Sam Peacocke ditched his cameras and used an industrial laser scanner and a Kinect to create this music video for Pacific Heights's Buried by the Burden. It's grainy, ghostly, and downright fascinating.

New Zealand-based songwriter and producer Devin Abrams, who performs under the moniker Pacific Heights, offers a few words about the video: "This project replicates the constantly decaying mechanism of memory by way of the techniques used to make it. No cameras were used at any stage in the production; instead low‐resolution, 3D models of environments were captured with an industrial laser scanner. Into these worlds we then placed the vocalist, Louis Baker; his likeness in motion was captured with a gaming interaction sensor, the X‐Box Kinect."

[h/t: Nowness]

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