Friday, April 1, 2016

These 3D models from 'The Dark Knight Rises' look incredibly real

CGI has evolved drastically in recent years that it's becoming difficult to tell the difference between real life and renderings. Take, for example, these posters for The Dark Knight Rises. What you're looking at aren't photos, and no part of these images included Anne Hathaway. They're 100% 3D models created by Norwegian artist Per Haagensen. Her red lips, lush, auburn hair, firm breasts and fierce eyes are all computer-generated imagery.

The photorealistic models were digitally sculpted and textured using Zbrush and Lightwave, while the background art was done in Photoshop. The lighting, detail, and color grading are just insane! You can see more of Per's creations at his ArtStation page.

[h/t: theCHIVE]

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