Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This app connected couch can morph into any piece of furniture you need

Lift-Bit is a shape-shifting sofa that can be controlled via an app. It's comprised of individual honeycomb-shaped stools that are motorized and can be moved around to create various seating positions. Say, for example, you're chilling and you want to use your laptop, you can easily raise one of the stools to serve as a table for the device. If you're having a shindig, you can easily remove seats so your friends will have more space to get their groove on.

Designed by Carlo Ratti for Swiss furniture company Vitra, Lift-Bit is currently a prototype, but stools can be pre-ordered for $900 each. Sofa of the future? Too expensive if you ask me.

[h/t: Wired]

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