Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Delightful photo series shows what a Stormtrooper's life on Earth looks like

How does Eric the Stormtrooper spend his time? He feeds sandwiches to the dinosaurs, dresses up as Batman, travels to beautiful places and plays the ukulele, according to these photos by Darryll Jones. The South African photographer is shooting images of his beloved action figure posed in various scenarios, either performing mundane tasks, doing awesome stuff, or just chilling around, for a project called Have You Seen Eric.

Darryll's delightful photo series began after he moved to the UK from South Africa six years ago. He didn't realize how dark and cold the winter days could be and he found himself confined to the indoors, with only a few LEGO Stormtroopers as companions.

"I took a little LEGO Stormtrooper down, and I used my 105mm Macro Sigma lens, and started taking a few shots of him, Darryll told the Daily Dot. "I started making little movie posters and intricate setups that won a few daily deviation awards on deviantART, and from there it just took off really."

Below are some of the hilarious pictures from the series, with more of them available here.

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