Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lola Dupre's political monsters

Lola Dupré is a collage artist and illustrator currently working in Badajoz, Spain. No computer used in the making of her surreal art pieces; pure paper, scissors, glue and a lot of patience and imagination. The only digital work she does is when she is preparing a file for print. Sometimes she works with a retoucher who improves the colors of her work digitally.

My personal favorite is her project titled Political Portraiture, in which she created distorted imagery of world leaders as monsters. In a 2014 interview on The Weird Show, Lola says this of her collaging procedure:

"Well because I need multiple copies of images at different sizes, the only way is to search the web and then print what I want. It means I am very comfortable with 80gm paper, and I have access to a massive bank of images. Also very contemporary images which is important for my work. 
I always use scissors, I really hate blades!, to me it always seemed so much easier using scissors. Usually I am not making a delicate cut, for me it is more about matching up the pieces of paper, not cutting things out. I use a small brush to stick down a small piece of paper, and a big brush to stick down a big piece of paper. I prefer PVA glue, and I work on wood panels."  

Check out Lola's website and Behance page for more.

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