Friday, June 17, 2016

These chocolates are wrapped in traditional Vietnamese art form

The National Gallery Singapore has partnered with Marou Chocolate to co-brand a line of limited-edition chocolate bars which represent both Vietnam and the architecture of the newly established art museum. The packaging features the design work of Rice Creative, who worked with artisans skilled in the traditional Vietnamese printmaking called Dong Ho.

"Everything in the process is hand made. The paper is made from Mulberry bark, with a sparkle added from crushed oyster shell. Red pigment is derived from terra cotta, green and blue pigments are from natural indigo plant parts. Black ink comes from charred bamboo leaves, and the white pigment is simply powdered shell. We worked with a family whom have been practicing this art form for 500 years (21 generations)."

 [h/t: Packaging of the World]

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