Sunday, July 19, 2015

Helena Hauss draws awesomely detailed ballpoint pen illustrations

Paris-based illustrator Helena Hauss takes simple ballpoint pens and uses them to create huge drawings (usually around 100cm x 70cm) with incredible detail. I really like the vivid and contrasted colors of her illustrations, which depict teens thriving on early adulthood as they drink, kiss, party and discover the world around them.

Helena started drawing with ballpoint pens in high school and became so accustomed to using them that she never found herself at ease with other medium. "I started drawing all through high school in my exercise books rather than writing down what the teacher was saying," she explains on her website. "And using a Bic biro was always a good way not to get caught!"

Below are some of my favorites:

[h/t: Design Collector]

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