Monday, August 3, 2015

David Gilmour - 'Rattle That Lock'

You have to hand it to David Gilmour. The success of his band, Pink Floyd, and his solo projects bought him the freedom to do whatever he wants. If you listen closely, you can hear SNCF's jingle at the heart of Gilmour's new song, Rattle That Lock. The tune is quite popular in France, and the 69-year-old guitarist decided he wanted to do something with it during a recent trip to Aix.

In addition to his affinity with the French railway systems, the rockstar also pays homage to the great John Milton. Created by Alasdair & Jock from Trunk Animation, the black-and-white video for Rattle That Lock is based on Milton's Paradise Lost. According to Rolling Stone, Gilmour's wife penned the lyrics to the track, drawing significant amounts of inspiration from the epic 17th century poem.

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