Sunday, August 30, 2015

Woojung Son's surreal art

I call it a good day when I learn about one new female artist who bares her soul on every canvas with brutal honesty. One perfect example is South Korea's Woojung Son. Her online portfolio is filled with colorful paintings and digital illustrations inspired by her dreams and imagination. As a little girl, Woojung was drawn to art as a way to retreat into her own little world. Now, she wants to create stories, communicate with people, and build her own kingdom through her masterpieces. 

Perhaps because she's still quite young, Woojung is refreshingly devoid of pretentiousness when explaining her work. "Imagine. Have a dream. Be free," she says of her process. "I've always liked to paint, and I've made my own imaginary space through my work. In my imaginary place, there was no concept of time or space, and everything was free."

Woojung usually listens to Alexandre Desplat and loves reading Werber, Tolkien, and Rowling. The DanKook University graduate was a finalist in 'The Painted World' Saatchi Art Showdown Competition in 2015, and she had her first solo exhibition at Artspaceknot in Seoul in 2014. She has exhibited extensively, including in the Seoul Open Art Fair, Kidari Gallery, and Ilho Gallery.

[h/t: Saatchi Art]

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