Friday, September 11, 2015

It's all in the palms: The IMTI kinetic smartphone charger

It looks ridiculous and a little exhausting, but I would actually use it to charge my smartphone, sometimes. Designed by Ramon Marc Zolliker, IMTI generates power while you roll the spindle between your palms, as shown in the video above. Much like one of those fire starters used by cavemen, the wooden kit contains a drill chuck, or opening, that can be used with a stick to charge a connected device, such as an iPhone.

The idea behind the project is that we are all digital nomads, which Marc defines as "a person, who uses technology, particularly wireless networking, to work and live, without requiring a fixed location." As digital nomads, the act of charging your smartphone or tablet is a ritual in itself, which the German arts student wants users to reflect on by using this device.

[h/t: Wayerless]

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