Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Artist creates giant doodles by riding his bike with GPS

Stephen Lund rides his bike about 70km every day, creating playful doodles using Strava—a mobile app that tracks athletic activity via GPS. The Canadian artist calls his creations GPS Doodles, which began last year to keep him in shape, de-stress and be creative. 

"It gave me a way to inject a sense of purpose into my rides, a way to disguise exercise as urban exploration and creative expression, a way to make exercise fun," Stephen explained at a talk at TEDxVictoria.

The doodles range from images of animals to a portrait of a giant Yoda wielding a lightsaber, and all are made entirely from the GPS data readings Stephen captures as he cycles the streets of Victoria. The longest of the doodles is a depiction of a mermaid called The Siren of the Salish Sea, which is 220km.

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