Thursday, February 25, 2016

Axel Void's unsettling new artwork in Denmark

I read somewhere that a commuter sued Showtime a couple of years ago because an advertisement caused her to break her ankle. The ad for the TV series Dexter, featuring Michael C. Hall's face wrapped in a plastic sheet, was so disturbing, the woman lost her footing and tumbled down a subway staircase. Well, this artwork by Axel Void reminds me of that Dexter ad.

A few months ago, the Miami-based artist was invited by the good folks from WEAART Festival to create a new piece on the streets of Aalborg in Denmark. The mural is based on his Sehnsucht exhibition in Berlin, which gives "emphasis to that confusion and state of wellbeing within our basic necessities, and longing for something else."

More about the artist:

"Axel Void has from an early age been strongly influenced by classical painting and drawing. Void's style is nostalgic and sometimes bittersweet – and his signature style proposes striking and ironic messages in an everyday life context. Often the works of Void are related to psychological themes. He constantly seeks new ways to interpret beauty and mirror society. These unpleasant, psychological and social issues dominating his work are repeatedly broken by ironic statements and the beauty he finds in even the most mundane of daily life. Axel Void likes to go in dialogue with the specific location and the local culture. Using metaphors to show the duality of our daily life as humans – no matter who we are and where we live."

[h/t: Urbanite]

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