Saturday, February 27, 2016

James DeRosso's ceramic monsters

I really like these whimsical ceramic creatures by James DeRosso. Yes, they have bulging eyes and toothy grins, but they're not scary at all. The Portland-based artist started making cute monsters while he was a student to jokingly create gargoyle-like guardians for the kiln. After other students kept taking his quirky little figures, he realized there was a market for them.

"I'm enjoying the whole monster making niche," James says. "It's amazingly gratifying to be doing ceramics full time and especially to be a teacher introducing kids to the joy of clay."

Be sure to visit his website and like his Facebook page for the latest monster news.

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  1. Love James works. Every year at Clayfest I make my way to meet his new pieces. They are so happy. Thanks James.