Thursday, March 3, 2016

Classic books enjoy gorgeous makeovers

We've been told not to judge a book by its cover, but nobody said we couldn't judge a cover by its design. Publishers know that some people prefer aesthetics and, based solely on the jacket design, readers may decide whether a book is or is not for them. Enter Recovering the Classics, a joint project from The Creative Action Network and DailyLit that hopes to make literary masterpieces, with their fresh cover art, appealing to contemporary readers. 

"Sadly, many of the greatest classics in the public domain are left with poorly designed or auto-generated covers that fail to capture what makes these books exciting and inspiring to us. So we invited illustrators, typographers, and designers of all stripes to create new covers for 100 of the greatest works in the public domain."

Anyone can contribute, and aside from book covers, there are also posters, hoodies, and t-shirts available, with proceeds going to the artist. Below are some of the brilliantly designed covers from Recovering the Classics that you should add to your collection today.

[h/t: HuffPo]

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